5G Network Testing Causing Covid-19 Second Wave in the country? Know what the WHO said

5G Network Testing

5G Network Testing: There are a lot of messages on social media in the country nowadays, in which the testing of 5-G technology is being blamed for the coronavirus second wave in the country. It is being said that the radiation emanating from the testing of 5G towers is making the air poisonous, so people are finding it difficult to breathe.

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Also, in the viral post, it is also being said that due to this radiation, there is a current everywhere in the house. It is being suggested in the post that if testing of these towers is banned then everything will be fine. This has been denied in the report released by the World Health Organization on the facts and confusions related to Corona. 

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The report released on March 26 states that 5G mobile networks do not spread to the corona. Apart from this, it has also been said that the corona cannot reach from one place to another with mobile networks and radio waves. According to the report, Corona is also happening in countries where there is no 5G mobile network.

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