After the new law, women will get the same salary as men and opportunities to move forward, PM Modi himself gave information


PM Narendra Modi, after inaugurating the ‘Atal Tunnel’ in Rohtang, Himachal Pradesh, while referring to the new Labor Act, said that if we need to If the goal is to be achieved, the rules of the last century will not work in the new century. The new law labor Code ensures that women get equal opportunities as men.

In addition, they will also get a chance to move ahead as men. Let us know that the Modi government has made four Labor Code by changing 44 labor laws. In addition, 12 laws have been canceled and 3 out of 44 laws have been included in the new labor code.

‘Reforms are bothering those who work only for political gain’

PM Modi said that if we have to achieve the goal of AatmaNirbhar Bharat, then the rules of the last century will not work in the new century. Therefore, our government will continue the process of labor reforms even further. Taking a dig at the opposition, he said that our reforms only bother those who work for political benefit. Such people have to understand that you cannot enter the next century with the thinking of the last century.

Under the new law, it has been made clear in the Wage Code that men and women will get equal pay. It has also been said that at the national level, the minimum salary will also be fixed. A council constituted by the central government will assess the minimum salary every year. At the same time, the salary will be decided based on geographical location and person’s skill. At the same time, under the wage code, it has been made mandatory for companies to pay salaries to the employees on time.

Working hours for women from 6 am to 7 pm, double the money overtime

Women have been allowed to work in all fields under the Occupational Safety and Health Code (OSH Code). At the same time, it has been made mandatory for companies to provide crèche and canteen facilities for women workers. Apart from this, an employee of more than 45 years will be given the facility of free health checkup once a year by the company. Working hours for women will be between 6 am to 7 pm. If work is being done after 7 pm, then it will be the responsibility of the company to protect it. Doing overtime will get double the money.

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For the first time, women working in the unorganized sector will also
be expanded to the ESIC of women under the Social Security Code, linked to the ESI. ESIC facilities will be made available in 740 districts of the country. For the first time, women working in the unorganized sector will also be linked with ESIC. Now women laborers working in Assam’s tea gardens or Kashmir’s apple orchards will also come under the purview of ESI. Women employees working on the contract will also get the benefit of gratuity. There will be no minimum term obligation for this. Those who will get a job on a fixed-term basis will have the right to get gratuity on the same day basis, that is, there is no need to complete five years now.