Alert! Delete These 8 Dangerous Apps from Your Smartphone Immediately, Google Also Removed

Joker Malware

Joker Malware has made a comeback. Researchers from Quick Heal Security Lab have found 8 apps from the Google Play Store, in which Joker malware has been found. Researchers have said that if anyone has any of these apps on the phone, then there is a need to delete them immediately from the phone. Joker is one of the most dangerous malware and it constantly targets Android devices. Joker Malware A virus that manages to find its way back to the Google Play Store every few months.

According to researchers, Joker malware steals user data, which includes information such as SMS, contact list, device details, OTP. Although Google has deleted these apps from the Google Play Store, but if the user has downloaded it, then it will remain in the phone until it can be deleted.

Let’s know about those 8 apps that you need to delete immediately..

>> Auxiliary Message
>> Fast Magic SMS
>> Free CamScanner
>>Super Message
>> Element Scanner
>> Go Messages
>> Travel Wallpapers
>> Super SMS

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How To Delete These Apps on Android Phone

For this, you first go to the Play Store, then search for the malware app here. After this, ‘Uninstall’ on the app page. This will remove the apps on your phone.

– Apart from this, by going to the user home screen, long press on the app. After this there is an option to drag on it, either the ‘x’ icon is available, which gives the option to delete.

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