Amazing Feature of Google Now Save the fuel of your Car with Google Maps


Amazing Feature of Google: Google held the annual developer conference Google I / O on May 18, during which the company announced an update to its Google Maps app, promising to further improve navigation planning in this app. The special thing about this update is that with this new update features of Google, you can work the fuel consumption of your vehicle. Yes, you heard right, you can save fuel for your vehicle with the updated navigation feature. So let’s know how you can cut your fuel using Google Maps.

Amazing Feature of Google Map

According to a report, after the updated Google Maps, the map will adjust to the same root where you need to apply the brakes. Now by calculating Google Map Machine Learning, you will evaluate the best route for you by assessing road grade and traffic flow and distance of your journey, etc., this will save your fuel. The company also showed the layout of the new maps at the concluded Google I / O conference. 

Google is also updating its street maps so that pedestrians can also adjust the best route. Now it will also show the width of the pavement and the road so that not only the walking people but also the differently-abled people can get help. The live view feature given on the map will now show difficult street signs as well as indoor navigation of some buildings.

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Google will update it to improve its live busyness feature, in which users are told which areas are still normal Is more or less crowded. According to Google, he will roll out these features in different phases. Although the company said that fuel efficiency and area business features will be released at the global level, Google has not said anything about the availability of these features in India.



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