Are You a Workaholic Somewhere? Know its Disadvantages


Being a Workaholic Is Not Healthy:  Working and staying at work is a very good habit, but if work starts dominating you, then it is not normal. Many people work for a long time to go up in their career and never even say no to the boss. At the same time, there are some people who cannot live without work. Those who are unable to live without work or constantly think about work. He is a victim of Workaholic Syndrome. According to TheLadders article, these are the symptoms of people. 

There is confusion in free time

They need to do something every day. If they do not have work, then they start having problems. Those who fall prey to this syndrome have the intoxication of working continuously. If they do not have a daily to-do list, then they start getting confused.

Work is everything For Them

For such people, it does not matter whether there is any celebration, festival, or dinner with a partner in the family. Even with his health, he compromises. Such people give priority to work first.

Are Always Present

Such people are always available to their colleagues. Even if it is their day off and their biggest problem is that they are not able to trust their co-workers or team for any work. Along with this, they also start micromanaging more than necessary. 

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Not accepting mistakes

Those who work excessively often find some excuse when they make a mistake and never take responsibility for any mistake on their head. 

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