ATM withdrawal rules: Now withdrawal will have to be done three times for twenty thousand, SBI has implemented new rules

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SBI ATM withdrawal New Rules Banking companies are constantly trying new techniques to protect them from cyber frauds. Despite this, cybercriminals are not agreeing. He is taking out every manipulation of the banking companies. In such a situation, banking companies are continuously strengthening the security system. In this direction, to protect customers from fraud, the largest banking company SBI has made some changes in the rules of withdrawal from ATMs.

ATM withdrawal New Rules: Without OTP withdrawal, not more than 9900

If you are an SBI customer and want to withdraw 10 thousand or more, then you will have to use ATM many times because only 9900 will be withdrawn from the ATM. That too in some special ATMs, usually you will have to withdraw only 9500. That is, if you want to withdraw 20 thousand rupees, then for this you will have to use ATM three times. For the past few days, people have been facing difficulties in withdrawing cash from ATMs. Many times people have to withdraw money using ATM.

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Cyber ​​fraud protection objective

Actually, SBI, expanding the convenience of its customers, has implemented OTP for withdrawal of 10 thousand and above. The bank has done this so that customers can be protected from any fraud, but this OTP service of the bank remains a problem for the people. As soon as the customer enters the amount for withdrawal of 10 thousand or above, then OTP is not coming. In such a situation, customers have to withdraw from ATMs many times. In view of the problems being faced by the customers, SBI has tweeted on its Twitter handle account saying that there is an error in OTP. The bank is working on the error, SBI customers have been informed about this.

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