Attention Post Office Customers! Charges on money depositing and withdrawing from April 1st

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There is big news for Post Office customers. If you also have an account then know today or else you may be at a loss. Let us know that from April 1, 2021, some new rules are being implemented for post office customers.

According to the money control news, India Post Payment Banks has now decided to withdraw, deposit and charge AEPS (Aadhaar based payment system). That is, you will also have to pay a charge for depositing and withdrawing money. Let us tell you on which accounts this rule will be applicable.

How much will be the charge on the Basic Savings Account?
If you have a basic savings account, then you will not have to pay any charge for withdrawing money 4 times, but for more than that transaction you will have to pay 25 rupees or 0.5 percent charge. At the same time, there will be no charge for depositing money.

How much will be charged on savings and current account?

If you have a savings and current account, then you can withdraw up to 25000 rupees every month. To withdraw more than this, you will have to pay a charge of 25 rupees. At the same time, if you deposit cash up to 10,000 rupees, then there will be no charge, but for depositing more than this, every deposit will be charged at least 25 rupees.

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Charge on India Post AePS account
There are unlimited free transactions on the IPPB network, but for non-IPPB only three free transactions can be done. These rules are for mini statement, cash withdrawal and cash deposit. After the free limit in AePS is over, a charge will have to be paid on every transaction. After the limit is over, any deposit will be charged of Rs 20.

The charge will be charged even after removing the mini statement

Apart from this, if the customer wants to remove the mini statement, then for that also you have to pay 5 rupees. If you transact money after the limit is over, then 1% of the transaction amount will be deducted from your account, which is a minimum of Rs. 1 and a maximum of Rs. 25. Please tell that GST and cess will also be levied on these charges.

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Apart from this, India Post has announced that it will increase the withdrawal limit in post office GDS (Gramin Dak Seva) branches and now this limit has been increased from Rs 5000 to 20000 per customer. The purpose of this step is to increase the post office deposits over time. There should be at least 500 rupees in the savings account in the post office and if the amount is less than 500 rupees, 100 rupees charge will be deducted. At the same time, if the account is not funded, the account will be terminated.

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