Ayushman Yojana: Attention golden card holders, now this system has started in hospitals for treatment

Ayushman Yojana

Ayushman Yojana: A Biometric and referral system was restored for the treatment of golden card holder patients in Ayushman Bharat and State Atal Ayushman Yojana. Now the biometric of the golden card holder patient admitted to the hospitals will be done. Also, there will be a system of referral from government hospitals for treatment in private hospitals.

During the Covid pandemic, the State Health Authority had given relaxation in the system of biometrics and referral to patients holding golden cards for treatment. After the corona infection stopped, the authority has restored the system of biometrics and referral.

Now, in the 240 government and private hospitals listed in the scheme, it will be necessary to apply biometrics for the admission of golden card holder patients. From this, it will be known that the eligible person whose golden card has been made, the same person is being treated. There is also a provision in the scheme that a patient holding a golden card will be referred from a government hospital for treatment in a private hospital.

Infection stopped, systems restored

State Health Authority chairman DK Kotia says that there is a system of biometrics and referrals for transparency in the Ayushman scheme. The biometric and referral system was relaxed to decongest hospitals during the COVID pandemic. Now the corona infection is over. Due to this, both systems have been restored again.

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Hospitals will not be willing to be listed in the scheme

The will of private hospitals to provide services of the preferred specialty under the Ayushman scheme will not work. At present, 240 hospitals in the state are listed under the scheme. In which 134 private hospitals are included but many big hospitals have enlisted for services of one or two specialties in the scheme. While many other specialties are operating in the hospital. But now such hospitals are being excluded from the scheme by the State Health Authority. The hospitals to be empaneled under the scheme will have to make available all available specialties to the patients holding the Golden Card.

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