Ban on H1-B Visa expires: Relief for Indian IT professionals


Ban on H1-B Visa expires: US President Joe Biden on Thursday allowed the termination of restrictions on foreign workers’ visas, especially the H-1B Visa. With this, the notifications issued in this regard by his predecessor Donald Trump ended.

Keeping an eye on the US job market, Indian IT professionals have got a big relief. Actually, the ban on visas issued to foreign workers, including H-1B Visa, is over. In fact, former President Donald Trump banned such visas until March 31, but the Joe Biden Government has not issued any notification to pursue it.

Ban on H1-B Visa expires

In June last year, the Trump administration banned visas issued to foreign workers, including H1B, until December 31. However, later he extended its deadline to 31 March, which has now expired.

Trump had exposed the risk to the US labor market
Trump had argued that these visas are a risk to the American labor market while improving economic activity. Biden promised to lift the suspension on H-1B visas, calling Trump’s immigration policies cruel.

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What is US H-1B Visa?
H-1B Visa is a non-immigrant visa that is very popular among Indian IT professionals. This visa allows American companies to hire foreign employees in specialized jobs that require theoretical or technical expertise. Every year 85 thousand visas are issued in different categories. A major part of this visa is used by Indian IT service companies such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Limited, Infosys Limited, and Wipro Limited.



  1. Through banned has finished ended
    America does not allow young blood like us to work with as my sister as they I can’t go there my visa refuse as questionnaire did not satisfy with my reason to go 😓


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