Be Careful! Searching About Your Disease on the Internet Can be Dangerous, Know Why

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The Internet has become our basic need today. The Internet is being used widely and continuously to find information, references and stay updated. It is, therefore, no exaggeration to say that the Internet has become a weapon in our hands; But have you ever heard that searching the internet can cause some disease? Many people are constantly searching the internet to know the symptoms of a disease, to get information about the disease as well as to know about the treatment. This ratio has increased in the current corona period, but by constantly searching for information about diseases on the Internet, you can get sick even more.

Constantly searching the internet for diseases can lead to illness. Taking information on the Internet makes you unnecessarily worried about your health. It is called cyberchondria in medical science.

How to be a victim of cyberchondria

Health expert Dr. Abrar Multani said, “Suppose you are searching the internet about headaches. In such a situation, the Internet gives you all the information from common headaches to a brain tumor. We start getting information about brain tumor symptoms and that disease because it is human nature to understand serious cases first. We get more nervous while reading this information, our sleep is disturbed, and hence the problem of bile increases in our body.

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Dr. Multani said, “Even a common cold-cough is considered a serious disease in cyberchondria. The patient insists on going to the doctor and getting further tests done without any reason.” He said, “Many patients come to us with the problem of burning due to gas but thinking that they have had a heart attack, they insist on doing tests like ECG, Today-Echo without any reason.”

What to do to avoid cyberchondria?

According to Dr. Abrar Multani, not every piece of information on the Internet is true. If you see any kind of disease or symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.
Consider the advice given by the doctor, do not think anything without his advice.

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