Big announcement of center! 20 pair clone trains will run from 21st September, confirmed berth on waiting ticket

Indian Railway Passengers

New Delhi. The Ministry of Railways said that the advance reservation period (ARP) for clone trains will be 10 days. Out of these, 19 pairs of trains will use Humsafar Rakes. At the same time, Janshatabdi Express (Jan Shatabdi Express) will be used in 1 pair train. Of these, 5 trains will run from different cities of Bihar.

The Central Government has made a big announcement for the convenience of railway passengers. The Ministry of Railways has announced that it has been decided to run 20 pairs of clone trains on 21 September 2020 on the most busy routes of trains. These clone trains will be fully reserved and will run at a pre-decided time. Their speed will be more than the main train. Also, their stops will be less than the main train (Limited Stoppages). With this, both trains will reach the last station at almost the same time.

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Clone train fare equal to Humsafar and Janshatabdi

The Ministry of Railways informed that 19 pairs of clone special trains will be run using Humsafar Rakes. At the same time, 1 pair Lucknow Delhi Clone Special train will be run like Jan Shatabdi Express. The fare of Humsafar rack (Fare) will be equal to the Humsafar train. At the same time, the fare of the Janashtabdi rack will be equal to the Janashtabdi Express. According to the ministry, the Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of the clone special train will be of 10 days. Reservation for these clone trains will start from 19 September.

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