Big news for customers of SBI, ICICI and HDFC Bank! Know the latest cash limit and charges before making an ATM transaction

Check ATM Transaction Limit

Check ATM Transaction Limit and Charges: Nowadays almost all ATMs do transactions. But if you do not know the rules and charges of ATM transactions, then you may suffer financial loss. RBI has made rules for ATM withdrawal limit and charges, on the basis of which banks have fixed their charges. In fact, the ATM transaction limit often depends on your account type and the debit card you are using. If you are a customer of SBI, HDFC, ICICI or Axis Bank, then let us know how much will be charged and what is your bank’s ATM cash transaction limit?

As per RBI rules, ATMs in six metro cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi have different rules. There will be at least three free transactions (including financial and non-financial transactions) in a month, while in other places, banks have to allow their savings bank account holders to have at least five free transactions (financial and non-financial transactions) at other bank ATMs in a month. including financial transactions).

Check ATM Transaction Limit and Charges:

According to the information given on the SBI website, you can do 3 free transactions in 6 metro centers (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore). Whereas in other places 5 free transactions (financial and non-financial) can be done in a month. 20 plus GST for withdrawing money from other bank’s ATMs after five transactions and 10+GST applicable on SBI ATMs. In this, for non-financial transactions in excess of the limit, Rs 8 plus GST for ATMs of other banks and Rs 5 plus GST for SBI ATMs.

As per the information on HDFC Bank’s website, HDFC Bank offers 5 free transactions per month for savings and salary accounts at bank ATMs, 3 free transactions at Metro ATMs and 5 free transactions at non-metro ATMs for other banks gives. HDFC Bank charges Rs 21 plus GST if you make cash withdrawals more than the specified number of free transactions, while for non-financial transactions, Rs 8.50 plus GST.

As per the information given on the ICICI Bank website, the first five transactions (both financial and non-financial) done at ICICI Bank ATMs are free. After that, you will be charged Rs 21 for withdrawal and Rs 8.50 for non-financial transactions. In this too, the first three transactions (financial and non-financial) every month at non-ICICI Bank ATMs in six metro areas (Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad) are free as per RBI norms. At the same time, apart from this, the first five transactions (financial and non-financial) in other cities are free.

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Regarding withdrawal from ATMs, RBI has said that banks should provide at least five free transactions in a month to their savings bank account holders. Wherever the ATM is located, non-cash withdrawal transactions will be provided free of cost. That is, RBI is friendly to customers regarding ATM rules.

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