Bike riders beware! The government is going to change these rules, know otherwise there will be a problem

Bike riders beware

Bike riders beware! If you travel by bike then this news is for you only. The bike is considered best for short journeys. Because it runs in less cost. Apart from this, traveling by bike on traffic-congested roads also saves time. The government has made changes in the rules for those traveling by bike. This rule is related to driving with a child seated. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) has taken this step for the safety of the child. So that, children are safer during the journey on the bike. Let us tell you everything about this rule. 

Bike riders beware! This is the new rule 

  1. According to the new proposal, the speed limit of two wheelers like bike, scooter, scooty etc. should not exceed 40 kmph while carrying a child up to 4 years of age on a motorcycle. 
  2. The two wheeler driver shall wear a crash helmet to the rear seater child between the ages of 9 months and 4 years.
  3. According to MORTH, the motorcyclist shall ensure that children below 4 years of age use a safety harness to carry them on the bike or scooter.

How it will ensure the safety of the children

A safety harness is a jacket worn by a child, whose size can be adjusted. The safety of the child increases after wearing it. Because it works to keep the child tied. Actually, there are some laces in the safety harness, which are attached to the shoulder of the driver. 

Suggestions and objections sought till November

The ministry has also sought people’s objections and suggestions on this proposal. Just like bikes have safety harnesses for the safety of children. Similarly, other features including child lock are given in the car. The safety of children increases through these features.

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It will be applicable from January 2023

According to the information, officials of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have sought objections to the notification by the end of November. Whatever objections come, they will be resolved. After this, the amendment will be made by issuing a gazette. It has been clearly stated in the notification that the new rules will be applicable after one year of the amendment. Meaning it will be amended after the objections are settled by December and after one year it will be implemented by the end of passenger 2022 or in January 2023.

On average 31 children died in accidents in a day

According to the Ministry of Road Transport, 11168 children died in road accidents across the country in 2019. According to this, an average of 31 children died in a day, which is eight percent of the deaths due to road accidents. This figure was 11.94 percent higher than the previous year.

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