Buttermilk vs Curd Nutrition – Which One Has More Health Benefits?

buttermilk vs curd nutrition

When you dilute the curd with the help of water and churned it, the left behind after butter churned out, will become buttermilk. The more you dilute the curd the less concentrated the buttermilk becomes.

When the butter is taken out, buttermilk is easy to digest, whereas curd is not. Since curd is not easy to digest, it is a misconception that it ‘cools the body’.

According to Ayurveda when one churns the curd into buttermilk it will become more digestive for your body. Buttermilk is a drink that will help you to overcome INDIGESTION.

Which One Has More Health Benefits?

If we talk about the health benefits of curd vs. buttermilk. Here are a few points that could help you choose which one curd and buttermilk is good for your health:

1. Calorie

If you follow a proper diet, you should always conscious about your calorie intake. If you are looking for reducing your weight, you should opt for buttermilk. 100 grams of buttermilk contains 40 calories, whereas 100 grams of curd contains close to 98 calories.

2. Nutrient 

Buttermilk is rich in riboflavin, calcium, vitamin B12, zinc, and proteins. It will help you to make your bones strong. It will also lower the bad cholesterol from your body. Preventing cancer, battling stress, and anemia due to the presence of these nutrients. Whereas curd contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B12, B5, B2, potassium, proteins, and molybdenum. These nutrients prove to be beneficial in preventing chances of hypertension and heart diseases, promoting teeth and bone health, and reducing stress and anxiety.

3. Fluid 

Buttermilk is fluid in nature You can take it extremely hot weather conditions to curb dehydration and as a replacement to other fluids. On the contrary, curd has limited fluid content, which makes it suitable for consumption by people who have been instructed to adhere to a fluid restricted diet but require an intake of good quality proteins.

4. Probiotics 

Both buttermilk and curd are probiotics by property and rich in good bacteria that will give your intestine more strength to digest your food.

So I think you have got the idea about which one is healthier curd or buttermilk? Comment your thoughts below.

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