By Joining Flipkart, You can Earn up to 70-80 Thousand Every Month, Know What to Do?

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Joining Flipkart: Are you also thinking of starting your own business? Or are you looking to advance your business in a new way for additional income? So you can join Walmart-owned company Flipkart. Where you will be able to earn money every month. The most important thing is that you will not incur any kind of charges for joining it and you can join Flipkart sitting at home. Actually, Flipkart’s growth program (Walmart Vriddhi program) is only for those people who want to do their business online. Today we are telling you about Hitesh Kumar, a businessman from Panipat who earns up to 70 thousand rupees every month by joining Flipkart. Let’s know-how?

Started business after leaving the job

Hitesh, 39, started his handloom business after working in the IT sector for eight years. When he left his home from Alwar, Rajasthan in 2005, his dreams were big. He wanted to start his own business. In this connection, he came to Panipat. He started his business here named Shree Balaji Store. They started selling sofa covers, chenille sofa fabric, and tissue curtains. Offline they used to make profits but they were not getting the desired benefits.

A year ago, in 2020, Hitesh started an online business with Flipkart and started with the help of Flipkart e-commerce, so that he could reach the markets of the whole country. Kumar had nothing to do with online business before this. Initially, he considered this online business as another means of earning, however as his reach to customers increased, he started to understand that online retailing is a strong tool to increase sales.

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In 2020, the pandemic engulfed offline businesses everywhere. The business of Shree Balaji Online Store not only continued, but in December 2020, they also saw a 100-fold increase in sales. Hitesh said, earlier we used to depend only on our offline sales. With the introduction of online sales, we are able to sell 5,00,000 to 700,000 lakh rupees every month. Last year the share of online business was 10 percent, now I want to increase this share to 50 percent. According to Hitesh, at present, he gets an income of up to 70-80 thousand.

Learn how to join Flipkart’s growth?

Hitesh says that after joining the company, I was taught all the important things related to doing business, including such methods of business which we cannot get to learn anywhere else. According to Hitesh, any businessman can increase his business with this program. To join this, the company has to be contacted, after that, all the necessary information has to be given, and the registration process is completed on behalf of the company. From shipping to delivery, the entire thing is done by Flipkart. They just have to prepare their stuff.

The motive to promote MSMEs 

Recently Walmart has made a commitment that it wants to triple the export of goods from India to $10 billion every year by 2027, which will give tremendous growth to MSMEs like Hitesh who have ambitions to export. Also, Walmart will continue to support MSMEs through its growth program.

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