Calcium Deficiency: These 5 superfoods are rich in calcium, bones are strong and healthy, include them in the diet

Calcium Deficiency

Calcium Deficiency: Calcium is one of the most essential nutrients found in the body. Calcium deficiency is usually associated with the weakening of bones. But, calcium is important for bones as well as heart health, muscles and teeth. Due to lack of sufficient amount of calcium in the diet, there is often a complaint of pain and weakness in the bones. Let us know which are those things rich in calcium, which can be a good choice to include in the diet.

Calcium rich food Calcium Rich Foods


Only 100 grams of milk contains calcium up to 50mg. If there is no problem of fat, then drinking a glass of cow’s milk daily can fulfill the deficiency of calcium in the body. Apart from milk, curd can also be consumed.


Ragi is a cereal in which the amount of calcium is found more than milk. There is 344 to 364mg calcium in 100 grams of ragi. You can make ragi upma, dosa or uttapam and eat it in breakfast.


Although there are many types of cheese, but the highest amount of calcium is found in Parmesan cheese. Children or teenagers and youth also like to eat cheese. In this case, the cheese can be consumed.


Almonds are known to be rich in protein, but they also contain a good amount of calcium. If seen, almonds contain the most calcium out of all the other nuts. Almonds can be eaten as a snack or can be added to shakes and smoothies.

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Green leafy vegetables

Many green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium. These vegetables include spinach, collard greens and kale. However, spinach contains a high amount of oxalates, due to which the body does not get enough calcium from it. However, calcium can be absorbed properly from vegetables which have less amount of oxalates.

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