EPFO Subscribers

EPFO Subscribers: Big news for 7 crore subscribers! Ayushman Bharat health insurance will be available for free

Good News for EPFO ​​Subscribers: If you are an employee of Provident Employees Organization Fund (EPFO), then this news is for you. More than 7 crore subscribers of EPFO ​​are going to get great news. A proposal is being discussed by the organization that now the employees of EPFO ​​should get coverage under Ayushman Bharat…

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Can the smallpox vaccine protect you from monkeypox for life?

Monkeypox: Despite the fact that wealthy countries are stockpiling smallpox vaccines to combat the current monkeypox outbreak, a recent study published in the Lancet suggested that immunity to the virus may not last a lifetime. According to the World Health Organization, which recently declared the disease a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the monkeypox…

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Calcium Deficiency

Calcium Deficiency: These 5 superfoods are rich in calcium, bones are strong and healthy, include them in the diet

Calcium Deficiency: Calcium is one of the most essential nutrients found in the body. Calcium deficiency is usually associated with the weakening of bones. But, calcium is important for bones as well as heart health, muscles and teeth. Due to lack of sufficient amount of calcium in the diet, there is often a complaint of…

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