Covid 19: Google’s new feature will update on the bed and oxygen availability, will work like this

Covid 19

Covid 19: In the midst of the growing outbreak of Covid-19, Google is testing a new feature that will provide information on beds and medical oxygen availability on Google Maps. Through this feature, people can ask for information related to these things, as well as share it with others. This feature can prove to be of great use in the war against Corona among the number of Kovid patients growing in the country.

This is how the feature will work

Whenever a user is in a hospital or a place where oxygen is supplied, Google Maps will ask that user questions related to the availability of beds and medical oxygen. The information given by that user will be able to be used by other people, who want to come to the same hospital or oxygen supplier. However, before using this information, it will be necessary to verify.

How to verify

Users can also use Google Maps to verify the information. Actually, phone numbers of hospitals and oxygen centers are also given in Google Maps. Wherever you have seen bed or oxygen information, you can find out the relevant information by calling through the number on Google map before going there. Google Maps is also helping to share the location of 23,000 COVID-19 vaccination centers across the country. This feature works in English and eight other Indian languages.

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Google said that its teams are working on three things with priority. The first is to ensure that people receive the most fresh and most verified information. The second is to promote important messages related to safety and immunization, and the third is to provide financial assistance to affected communities, health officials and other organizations.

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