Cyber Alert! If You received this message or e-mail, then money can be stolen, Govt issued an alert


Cyber Alert: Through a Twitter handle of the government called Cyber ​​Friend, people have been warned about this new way of cheating. Do not click any link on any call, message, or e-mail that comes to you.

During the Corona period, the cases of banking fraud in the country are constantly increasing. One of the major reasons for this is the increasing use of internet during this period. The cyber criminals are taking advantage of this to fraud. Let me tell you that these days these frauds are making people a victim of fraud in the name of Corona. Information about this matter has been given by the Ministry of Home Affairs. People have been alerted in this new way through a Twitter handle of the government called Cyber ​​Friend.

The Ministry has warned people not to make any such mistake. It is also said that do not click on any link that comes on any call, message, or e-mail that comes to you.

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Such cases have come up more in the last few years. The government and banks pledged that those people would be made aware of cybercrime. But still such crimes are not stopping. Cybercriminal adopts many methods to loot people.

Cyber Alert! On Official Twitter Handle Of Govt.

Let us know that by clicking on this link, hackers can steal all your information. In such a situation, never click on such a link because many times people click on the link without thinking and the hackers get their information. The format of this message has been shown in the tweet that the Ministry of Home Affairs has tweeted through cyber friend. If you also receive such a message, then immediately report it to the cybercrime police. Also, do not click on any link given in the message.

How to avoid fake messages? 

Alert about fake messages is issued from time to time by the government. With this, you should not trust messages from an unknown number and should avoid forwarding such messages. So that there is no victim of user fraud.

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