Delhi Weather: Chance of rain for four days in Delhi, relief from heat and heat wave, yellow alert issued

Delhi Weather

Delhi Weather: There is no relief from the heat and heat wave in Delhi for the past several days. The scorching heat and heat wave continued on Monday as well. However, light rain from Wednesday can bring relief. A yellow alert has been issued for rain from Wednesday to Saturday. There is a possibility of heavy rain on Thursday. Due to this, relief from heat and heat can be given. This turn of weather is being seen as pre-monsoon activities. 

It was hot in Delhi on Monday as well. It was partly cloudy in the morning and strong winds blew, but as the afternoon progressed, the sun took its toll. Due to this, the maximum and minimum temperatures were recorded as four degrees above normal. The maximum temperature was recorded at 43.7 and the minimum temperature was 31.6 degrees. The maximum temperature on Sunday was recorded at 43.9 and the minimum temperature was 32.8 degrees Celsius. 

Najafgarh was the hottest place in Delhi on Monday, where the temperature was recorded at 46.6 degrees. On the other hand, Mungeshpur recorded 46.3 degrees, Sports Complex 46, and Ridge 45.5 degrees Celsius. 

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According to the Meteorological Department, light rain is likely to start on Wednesday (June 15). During this time, winds will also blow at a speed of 20-30 kilometers per hour. There is a possibility of heavy rain on Thursday. While the speed of the winds will be 40-50 kilometers per hour. Light rain will continue till Saturday. Due to this, the temperature running 44-45 degrees will start dropping from Friday and will reach 36 degrees by the end of the week. 

Delhi Weather Forecast: It will be partly cloudy, with light rain and surface winds likely.
Maximum temperature: 43.7 °C
Minimum temperature: 31.6 °C
Sunset on June 14: 7.20 pm
Sunrise on June 15: 5:23 am

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