Don’t scan this type of QR Code, Your Account can be empty in a moment


QR Code Fraud: Cybercrime cases are increasing steadily. In the recent past, new cases of cyber fraud are coming up. Cyber thugs use different methods to trick people into cheating. It has often been seen that people are victims of fraud due to their negligence. For example, they get caught in the web of cyber thugs and share their bank account or other personal information.

One such way is QR Code i.e. Quick Response Code. Through this, the account can be breached in a moment.

In order to spread awareness in the field of security, the cyber friend of the government social media platform, through a tweet, has informed about the alert from such QR codes which are received from an unknown source. Such QR codes are used by cyber thugs to cheat you.

Along with this, a message is sent to the computer, in which it is said that you have to give a big profit. When this code sent by cyber thugs is scanned, then money is withdrawn from the account in an instant.

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In another recent tweet by cyber friend, it has also been informed that biometric information is highly sensitive and confidential. Always ensure that it is safe and never give finger prints or retinal scans at suspicious and unauthorized sites.

The tweet states that ‘Do not scan the QR code received from an unknown source. This can lead to unauthorized withdrawal of money from your account. In fact, many such cases continue to come up in which people would be made a victim of fraud by sending fake QR codes through messages.

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