Door Step Delivery: Delhi Govt. will start home delivery of ration soon


Door Step Ration Delivery: Delhi government decided to stop the fraud at the ration center. The purpose is also to save people’s time and end their dependence on ration centers.

New Delhi: To provide food grains to the needy at an affordable price, the One Nation One Ration Card scheme is being run. In such a case, the beneficiary can avail of this facility by staying in any state. To make the scheme more accessible to the people, now direct home delivery of food grains will be done. Under the doorstep delivery service of the Kejriwal government, Delhiites will no longer need to line up at the ration center. This facility will be applicable from March.

During the Corona period, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had said about starting door step delivery service. In the Republic Day speech he mentioned again.

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This service is being started with the aim of stopping the rigging at the ration center and sending food grains directly to the beneficiary. The government says that they have been receiving such complaints for some time, including things like misbehavior by the ration center operator and not opening the shop on time.

In such a situation, the government decided to start this facility as soon as possible keeping in mind the poor and needy people.

Food will come home in the packet

under the new service, the ration will be packed in a clean manner and will be delivered to the beneficiary’s house. Registration work is being done for this. Cardholders will get 25 kg of wheat and 10 kg of rice. This will save your time. Also, dependence on ration shops will end. However, the facility of taking food grains to the ration shop will continue as before. Those who want to get cereal from the shop can choose this option.