Driving License: Many rules to make driving license and RC in these states will change in the new year, know everything


Driving License News: Driving License and many related services are going to change from January 1. Many states are going to implement new rules for learning license and registration of vehicles (RC). In states like Bihar, it will be easier to get the learning license.

Driving license and many related services are going to change from January 1. Many states have decided that they will now implement the new rules for learning license and registration of vehicles (RC). On the instructions of the Union Ministry of Transport, the transport departments of several states including Bihar, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh have said that they will implement new rules regarding driving license and registration of vehicles. So if the validity of your driving license and RC is over in the lockdown and corona period. So get them renewed by 31 December, otherwise you will have to pay a fine of Rs 5000 in the new year after the validity of the document is over.

Many rules will change regarding driving license
With this, making learning license in states like Bihar will become easier. After giving the test, the applicant will not have to wait in the District Transport Office for the learning license. Applicants can take an online print from anywhere. Since December 24, this facility has been started in the transport offices of all the districts of the state including Patna.

The deadline was extended due to the lockdown – Significantly, according to the Department of Transport, the Department of Transportation has until December 31 to renew the corona and those whose driving licenses, RC permits and fitness certificates were expired  during lockdown Had given. After March 2020, whose driving license, RC, permit and fitness certificate’s validity had expired, the Transport Department decided not to take any action till 31 December 2020. But if they are caught driving on the road after 1 January 2021, then a fine of up to 5 thousand rupees will be charged from them.

DL and RC can be renewed in this way- For renewal of driving license and RC, you have to go to the website of the transport department of your state. Applicants have to click on driving license services by clicking on license related services. You have to provide more personal information along with your DL number while filling the form. Upload more important documents related to its driving license on the website. In some states online and in some states still go to RTO office and book your slot. After examining the biometric details in the RTO office, all your papers will be verified. After this your license will be renewed.