EPFO: Important News for Salaried People, Don’t Do These 5 Mistakes Otherwise Your PF Money Will get Stuck!

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EPFO: There is an Important news for the Salaried People. If you also do a job, then it is important to keep some things in mind, otherwise, the entire money of your PF (PF Withdrawal) will get stuck. EPFO also gives you the facility of saving option with good interest. If you withdraw PF money, then the claim is cleared within 3 days of making your claim and the money comes to the bank account within 5 days, but there are some situations like this, In which all your money can be stuck.

>> Incorrect bank account details
>> KYC not completed
>> Incorrect date of birth
>> UAN not linked with Aadhaar
>> Conditions not met

1. Bank account details are wrong – 

If you have entered wrong bank details then you will not get your PF money. All your money will be stuck. Let us tell you that your money comes in the details you enter in EPFO. If your bank details are wrong then your claim may get rejected. The bank account registered with EPAO should be correct and that account should be linked with UAN (Universal Account Number).

2. If KYC is not completed – 

Apart from this, even if your KYC is not completed then your money will be stuck. If your KY details are not complete and verified, then EPFO ​​can reject your withdrawal claim. You can check whether KYC is complete and verified or not by logging into your member e-seva account.

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3. If the date of birth is wrong –

The date of birth recorded in the EPFO ​​and the date of birth recorded in the employer’s record are different or if it is different on the basis of Aadhaar, the application can be canceled. The EPFO ​​had issued a circular, in which it had relaxed the rules for correcting the date of birth recorded in the records of EPFO ​​and linking UAN with Aadhaar. Now you can correct the date of birth for 3 years.

4. UAN not linked with Aadhaar – 

If your UAN is not linked with Aadhaar then your EPF withdrawal claim may get rejected. There are four ways to link UAN or EPF account with Aadhaar. You can link UAN with Aadhaar in any manner as per your convenience.

5. In case of non-fulfillment of conditions –

If you are withdrawing in case of financial emergency, then it is most important to fulfill three conditions. If any account holder does not fulfill these three conditions. Then his application will be cancelled. First- UAN must be active, second- account must be Aadhaar verified and linked to UAN, third- bank account with correct IFSC should be linked to UAN. Apart from this, the signature of the member should be clear and should match with the record, otherwise the claim will be rejected.

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