ESIC has Introduced the’ COVID-19 Relief Scheme’ Insured’s Family will get a Salary Every Month

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In this horrific phase of Corona, now the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has also made preparations to provide relief to the employees. ESIC is now coming up with a new scheme after giving financial relief to the people deprived of employment through several schemes only after the first wave of corona in the country.

This scheme is being started by Employee State Insurance Corporation keeping Corona in mind. The benefit of which will be directly given to the family of the employee after the death of Covid. Covid-19 relief scheme is being started by ESIC.

ESIC’s Insurance Commissioner, Revenue and Benefit M K Sharma said that the scheme has been implemented from June 3, 2021, although a formal notification is now being issued after all the preparations for it. This will be the first scheme brought about a particular disease, in which financial help will be given to the families of employees who die due to corona disease.

Dr. Sharma says that the special thing about this scheme is that the eligibility or eligibility has been kept very simple for those who take advantage of it. So that if after the death of the employees contributing to ESIC from Corona, their family can easily get the benefit of it.

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These benefits will be available from ESIC Covid 19 Relief Scheme

Dr. Sharma says that the family applying under this scheme will get the salary of the deceased employee. That is, if the person contributing to the ESIC dies of corona, So the wife, children, dependent parents or siblings in his family will be paid 90 percent of the employee’s final salary every month.

Suppose a person’s salary is 15 thousand rupees a month, then after his death from corona, 90 percent of 15 thousand rupees will be given to his family every month. It will be a big relief for that family. In this way the family will be able to live their life easily.

These families will get benefits

Dr. MK Sharma says that the benefit of this scheme can be availed by the wife of the deceased employee until she remarries. On the other hand, if she has a daughter in the family, then she will be paid the salary till she also gets married. At the same time, the parents will get the benefit of this scheme in the form of pension for life. Along with this, the son will get its benefit till he attains majority.

This will be the eligibility to take advantage of this scheme

A lot of concession has been given in the eligibility of this scheme. In such a situation, the family will get the benefit of this scheme in case of the death of such employee for at least 70 days within a year in any company that has contributed to ESIC.

Apart from this, it is necessary to be an employee of any company for three months before the employee is Kovid. During this, if he has corona and dies, then his family

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