FasTag is going to mandatory for vehicles registration, fitness certificate, and third party insurance from 1st April


FasTag Mandatory: Personal and commercial Wahanon RC, insurance, fitness, permit, as soon as the list of required documents Fastag is going to be involved. Documents of old vehicles will not be renewed without FasTag. The scheme is likely to be implemented from April 1. The government has already made it mandatory for new vehicles. From February 15, double tax collection has started on all 770 toll plazas across the country without FasTag vehicles. Two-wheelers are exempt from this arrangement.

Plan to make FASTAG mandatory document for old private-business vehicles, more than 770 toll plazas equipped with electronic toll collection system technology.

Officials of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said that more than 770 toll plazas across the country have been equipped with Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC) technology. With this, the facility of online payment of tax is available with the help of Fastag RFID on the screen of the vehicle. The government has made FASTAG mandatory on all toll plazas till 15 February.

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Rules to be implemented from April 1, 2021

New vehicles will not register without Fastag. The government has now started the exercise of bringing old vehicles under its purview. Under this, fitness certificate of old vehicles without fastag will not be issued. Their third party insurance will also not be available. For this, changes are being made in Form 51 (Insurance Certificates). Similarly, the fastag will be necessary for renewal of the registration certificate of the old vehicle. This rule is planned to be implemented from April 1, 2021. The Ministry of Road Transport has released the draft notification last month for suggestions and objections from stakeholders. Notification is likely to be issued in March this March.

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Fastag of a unique ID number to each vehicle

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has fed the information of all the vehicles in the vehicle portal. Each vehicle will be given a fast ID of a unique ID number. There will be other information feeds from the vehicle registration certificate. During document renewal, Fastag feeds on the vehicle portal will bring vehicle information. Only then it will be possible to complete the work of documents related to the vehicles. Due to this, the drivers will not be able to fake the FasTag. FasTag will make it possible to oversee stolen vehicles, while in other states it will not be easy to sell.

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