From April 1, A penalty of up to 1 crore will be imposed on the manufacturer, If a defect is found in the vehicle

From April 1

From April 1: Good news for new car-motorcycle buyers. If there is any manufacturing defect in their car component then lodge a complaint on the government’s call portal. The manufacturer will fix it without any charge or according to the rule, the consumer will be given a new car. For this, consumers do not have to go around the dealer-workshop. This includes mechanical-electrical, parts, components, etc. This facility will also be available on cars which are seven years old. The new rules will come into effect from April 1, 2021.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a notification in this regard last week. Accordingly, it will be made mandatory to withdraw or fix manufacturing defect-defective vehicles from April 1 in the country. This will depend on what type of error is in the vehicle. The consumer will not have to pay any charges for new vehicles or repairs.

For the convenience of consumers, the Ministry of Road Transport is going to start a portal called Vehicle Re-Call. In this, consumers will be able to register their complaints. The Ministry will appoint an investigating officer to ensure action on the complaint. The Vehicle Recall Rule will apply to two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler private, and commercial vehicles.

Excuse will not work, fine will be imposed up to one crore

The special thing is that the parts, components, retrofitting, etc. of the vehicle have been included. In this, the vehicle manufacturer will not be able to pretend that the part belongs to another company, we do not have any fault in it. All types of errors have to be fixed by the company or a new vehicle will have to be provided. 

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The second part of the new rule requires the company to withdraw the entire consignment if there is a vehicle error. A penalty of 10 lakh to 100 lakh has been fixed on the company for not catching and selling the error at the time of manufacture or at the time of assembling. This amount will be decided according to the number of vehicle sales. This system will be implemented for the first time.

Ministry of Road Transport will monitor

Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari had announced the implementation of the vehicle call-system. But this was delayed due to pressure from automakers. The company can only go to the High Court on receipt of a new system recall notice. The entire responsibility of implementing it will be on the shoulders of Gadkari’s ministry.

Penalty will be levied on the basis of sale

Two wheel  car   Truck bus   Penalty amount
1-6000  1-1000  1-500 10 lakh rupees
6000-600000  1001-10000 501-5000 20 lakh rupees
More than 06 lakhs More than 01 lakh More than 50 lakhs01 crore rupees

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