Get 25 thousand rupees pension every month by giving an installment in this policy of LIC, life-long benefits


Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is considered one of the most trusted insurance companies in the country. People from poor to rich have invested in different policies of this company. LIC’s policy is designed in such a way that the poor to the rich can invest.

Often, the employed people are very tense about the pension. This tension is further increased when he is on the verge of retirement. Many pension schemes are being operated by the government but only a select few people are allowed to invest in them. How will life survive after retirement? If you also think that by investing in LIC’s ‘Jeevan Shanti’ policy, you can overcome this tension.

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This is because policyholders can arrange pension every month by making a lump sum investment in this policy. It is a single annuity policy. By paying a premium for this policy, you can arrange a pension of 25 thousand rupees for yourself every month.

Actually, while taking the policy, the policyholder has two options regarding pension. First intermediate second deferred annuity. Immediate means that the pension is immediately after taking the policy, while the deferred annuity means payment of pension after some time (5, 10, 15, 20 years) of taking the policy. There are 7 options available in the intermediate annuity.

If you invest a lump sum of Rs 4072000 in this policy and choose the intermediate option, then you will get a pension of Rs 25783 every month.

Let us understand this with an example of how you can get such a pension:

Age: 59

Sum Assured: 4000000
Lump-sum premium: 4072000

Annual: 321800
Half Yearly: 157500
Quarterly: 77900
Monthly: 25783

Suppose if a working person chooses the option ‘A’ i.e. Immediate Annuity for life (pension per month) present in this policy immediately before retirement ie at the age of 59 years. In addition, he opts for the sum assured option of Rs 4000000. So he will have to pay a lump sum premium of Rs 4072000. After this investment, he will get a pension of Rs 25783 per month. This pension will be received as long as the policyholder survives. At the same time, this pension will stop coming after death.

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