Good News: Cancellation of Air Ticket will get a Full Refund, Know how to Claim?

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Cancellation of Air Ticket: Many times it happens when we plan to go out somewhere, even book tickets. But later the ticket has to be canceled due to not getting it due to some reason, in such a situation there is a lot of loss. But now you don’t need to panic. Actually, EaseMyTrip has announced a new policy keeping in mind its customers and the current situation. The company has launched the Refund Policy, under which if someone cancels the trip due to a medical emergency, then his full money will be refunded. Customers will also get a full refund of air tickets. Under the policy, the online travel agency will refund the full amount to the customers. Even the airlines will refund EaseMyTrip if any deduction is made. This is the first policy of its kind in the industry.

There will be no fear of losing money

According to EaseMyTrip, there is always uncertainty on travel due to Kovid-19. The company feels that such a policy will increase the confidence of the customers as they will not be afraid of losing their money. If he cancels the trip due to any medical emergency, his money will be safe. Under the policy, the airline, travel, and tourism industry will also get a boost because Kovid-19 has caused maximum damage to this industry.

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Know what the company said?

EaseMyTrip co-founder Rikant Pitti said that the company has come up with this scheme keeping in mind the needs of the customers. At such a time, customers can make a decision according to it. He said that the demand for travel is highest right now and he is worried about booking refunds and cancellations. This offer of the company has been started to increase the travel confidence in the customer.

Learn how to claim the cancellation of the Air Ticket?

Customers can book domestic aircraft on the company’s website and can opt for this policy on the website itself. A claim can be taken by uploading the prescription of the doctor’s medicine. The company is giving this offer to all the users. EaseMyTrip is offering this offer on all domestic flight bookings. The claim will also be available on booking on a website or mobile site. The flight cancellation coverage policy will be sent to the mail on the e-mail on booking the flight ticket.

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