Good news for EPFO ​​account holders, they will be able to update details after leaving the job

Withdrawl PF money

Delhi: The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has ended the major problem of account holders. Now the account holder will be able to update the ‘Date of Exit’ online on changing the job itself. Earlier the company had the right to update the information and this caused the account holders to get very upset to update the PF account.

What was the problem for the employees

In any private limited company, a part of the employee’s salary is deducted as PF. This money is deposited in the employee’s PF account. As long as the employee works in the same company, then there is no problem in it, but when the employee leaves the job and moves to another company, in most cases the employee does not help in updating the old company information. This problem of employees has now been resolved by the Modi government. The right to update the Date of Exit has now been given to the account holder only.

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How to update Date of Exit

The PF account holders first login to the portal by giving a UAN and password. On successful login, go to Manage and click Mark Exit. After this, select the PF account number from the select application. Now click on Date of Exit and Region of Exit. Then click on request OTP and enter the OTP on the mobile number linked to Aadhaar. Now select the check box. After this, click on update and click on OK. After doing this, your date of exit will be updated.

What will be the benefit of updating Date of Exit

According to EPFO ​​Assistant Commissioner Avinash Kumar Sinha, if your date of exit is not updated, you cannot withdraw money from your EPF account nor transfer the account from the previous company to the new one but now the EPFO The employees have given the right to update the Date of Exit only. This will end a lot of problem of employees.