Good News for that living-in rented house and flat now landlords would not be able to recover arbitrary rent


The government of Uttar Pradesh’s Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi Adityanath) has given a big relief to people doing jobs or business by staying in rented houses or flats in other cities in the state. In fact, the Uttar Pradesh Government has approved the new Tenant Law. Under this, the landlord will no longer be able to increase the rent arbitrarily. With this, disputes between tenants and landlords are also expected to be reduced.

UP government has Rent Authority and Rent Tribunal
The Yogi Adityanath government has enacted the Uttar Pradesh Urban Tenancy Regulation Ordinance -2021 to reduce the frequent disputes between landlords and tenants. This ordinance has been approved through the cabinet by circulation. A spokesperson of the Uttar Pradesh government said that under the ordinance, now no landlord will be able to give his house on rent agreement to anyone without agreement. Provision of Rent Authority and Rent Tribunal has also been made for settlement of any disputes between landlord and tenant.

Now only 5 to 7 percent of the fare can be increased

According to the spokesperson, the Rent Authority and Rent Tribunal will have to settle the dispute within more than 60 days. Apart from this, according to this ordinance, no landlord will be able to increase the rent arbitrarily. He will be able to increase the rent by only 5 percent for Residential Houses and only 7 percent for Non-Residential Property. The spokesperson said that after the completion of the rent agreement, its renewal agreement will be mandatory.

to be given to the landlord for rental receipt

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According to the ordinance, if the rent is not paid for two months, the landlord will be able to remove the tenant from his house. Apart from this, landlords will not be able to take advance for more than two months in the name of a security deposit. 6 months in advance can be taken for non-residential complexes. At the same time, the tenant will not be able to get any sabotage done in the house without asking the landlord. 3 months’ time has been given for the agreement with the tenants already living. It has also been said that the landlord will have to give the rent receipt to the tenant. At the same time, the landlord must provide all the necessary services in the house.