Good News: Now Employees Getting Salary of 30K Rupees Will Come in ESIC, Know What is the Plan?

ESIC Recruitment 2022

Relief news is coming for the employed. It is reported that the scope of the Medical Scheme of the State Employees Insurance Corporation (ESIC) may increase. Under this scheme, employees getting salaries up to Rs.30 thousand can be included. At present, the benefit of ESIC can be availed only by the employees who get salaries up to Rs 21 thousand. This new proposal will be placed in the meeting of the ESIC board, where after approval it will be sent to the Modi government.

According to media reports, if this proposal is passed, 20-25 percent of the employees will come under this purview. Let us tell you that the meeting of the ESIC Board is proposed in September. Let us tell you that the employees and their families coming under the ESIC scheme will be able to get better treatment.

Benefits available under ESIC scheme

At present, 0.75 percent share is taken in the salary of a member of the ESIC scheme, while 3.25 percent is taken from the employer. Let us tell you that under the ESIC scheme, there are 6 crore employees in the country. At present, under this scheme, the benefits given on the death of the employee have been increased. Now minimum service is not required for payment of gratuity. Family pension is being paid as per the provisions of EPF and MP Act. 70 percent of the total wages are paid as sickness benefits for 91 days in a year in case the employee is sick and does not come to the office.

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Know about the new scheme of ESIC

ESIC’s new scheme Kovid Pension Relief Scheme (CPRS) provides lifelong pension to the family of an employee who has died of Covid. Its amount can range from a minimum of Rs 1800 per month to 90% of the average daily wage of the deceased worker. This scheme has been implemented for two years from 24 March 2020.

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