Good News: Now submit life certificate from this app sitting at home, there will be no hindrance in getting a pension

Last Date for Life Certificate Submission for Pensioners 2020

New Delhi. As proof of whether the pensioner is alive or not, a life certificate is to be submitted to the bank. If it is not deposited in time, there may be problems in getting a pension. Since it is difficult for the elderly to go to a bank or government office in the Corona era, you can also
submit it online from home. In this, Umang App will prove to be effective for you. So what is this app and how will your work, learn the whole process.

With the digital certificate Umang app created from the app, you can get digital life proof made at home. For this, you have to download the Umang app from Google Playstore. Now search for life proof in it. After this, connect (Biometric Device) to your mobile. Click on the tab of General Life Certificate under Jeevan Pramaan Service.

Here, your Aadhaar number and mobile number will appear in the Pension Authentication tab. If both things are correct then click on the generated OTP button. After doing this, OTP will come on your mobile. Fill in the app and submit it. Now scan your fingerprint with the help of a biometric device.

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A digital life certificate will be created when your thumbprints match the existing details. You can see it by clicking on the view certificate. If you want, you can save it and also submit a copy of it. Checking the balance in EPFO With the Easy Umang app, you can not only create a life certificate but can also easily check your balance in an EPFO account. For this, you have to click on the EPFO option in the app.

Here you will see the option of Employee Centric Service. By clicking here you will get the option of View Passbook and Rage the Claim. If you just want to see the balance, then click on the View Passbook option. Here you have to enter the UAN number and click on GATE OTP. After doing this, OTP will come on your registered number. You will be able to log in as soon as you enter this number in the app. After which you can see the balance of your PF account.

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