Good news: Wheat, rice, sugar, and oil will not become expensive during festivals!

Wheat, Sugar, Edible Oil Price

Wheat, Sugar, Edible Oil Price: The general public is very worried about the rising prices of food items across the country, but now relief news has come from the government. Food Secretary Sanjeev Chopra said that the supply of essential food items like wheat, rice, sugar, and edible oil is sufficient in the country and the government is keeping a close watch on the black market. This will keep the retail prices of these food items under control during the upcoming festivals.

There is no possibility of an increase in the prices of wheat, sugar, and oil

Chopra told reporters that that is why my assessment is that whether it is rice or wheat or sugar or edible oil, there is no possibility of their prices increasing during the upcoming festivals.

Government takes necessary steps when necessary

He said that whenever there is a need, the government takes necessary steps. For example, amid the rise in prices, the stock limit for traders, wholesalers, and large retailers has been reduced to 2,000 tonnes with immediate effect. The Secretary said that the supply of wheat, rice, sugar, and edible oils in the country is sufficient.

Sugar prices remain stable

Regarding sugar, he said that although its prices have remained stable, there has been a recent rise in prices at some places due to rumors about the possibility of shortage due to less monsoon rains in August. Chopra has said that there is sufficient sugar reserves of 85 lakh tonnes in the country. This is enough to meet the needs of three and a half months.

The Food Secretary gave the information 

The Food Secretary said that the government is adequately prepared for the festivals. The government has released 25 lakh tonnes of sugar. Two lakh tonnes of additional sugar has been released in August. He said that broadly the availability of sugar is good. The government does not agree with the apprehensions of the industry organization Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) regarding the decline in sugarcane production this year.

Good rains in Karnataka and Maharashtra

According to Chopra, the reason for this is that Karnataka and Maharashtra have received good rains at the beginning of this month and we hope that sugarcane production will be better due to this. 

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There are sufficient reserves of wheat

Regarding wheat, the Secretary said that there is sufficient stock of it in the country and retail prices are currently stable at an average of Rs 30 per kg. He said the government has further reduced the stock limits on traders, wholesalers, and large retailers to curb hoarding and keep prices under control. Chopra said that as of August 31, the government had a stock of 255 lakh tonnes of wheat, while the requirement was 202 lakh tonnes. According to the situation, the government can aggressively sell wheat in the open market.

Concerned about the 10 percent growth of rice

Regarding rice, he said that we are worried about the 10 percent increase in its price. The reason for the price increase is the negative perception that some people are creating. It is being said that this year the monsoon has not been so good and rice production is going to be affected.

People are making negative things

The Secretary has said that this is just a negative perception being created by some people. I would like to convey to you that the condition of the crop is good… there is no shortage.

Imported oil

Regarding edible oil, Chopra said that currently 37 lakh tonnes of edible oils have been imported into the country, which is more than last year’s 27 lakh tonnes. Taking advantage of low global prices, the industry has imported record edible oil this year. He has said that overall we have excess reserves and as a result, there is no possibility of any shortage or increase in prices in the coming days.