Google and Apple Banned More Than 8 Lakh Dangerous Apps, Delete Them From Your Phone Immediately

Google banned

Google and Apple have banned millions of apps from their stores. Pixalate’s ‘H1 2021 Delisted Mobile Apps Report’ showed that over 8,13,000 apps were removed on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in the first half of 2021. Before delisting, more than 8 lakh apps had been downloaded 9 billion times from Google Play Store.

According to Pixalate, California, these apps had 21 million customer reviews and ratings before they were removed from Apple’s App Store. Therefore, despite being removed from the App Store, millions of users are expected to have apps on their smartphones.

According to the report, 86 percent of mobile apps from Google Play Store and 89 percent of mobile apps from the Apple App Store targeted children 12 years and below. It has also been noted that 25 percent of Play Store apps and 59 percent of App Store apps did not have any privacy policy.

The report further stated that 26 percent of the apps were removed from the Russian Google Play Store and 60 percent of the apps were listed on the Chinese App Store. There was no privacy policy on the Chinese App Store.

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Know why removed apps

About 66 percent of Google apps removed had at least one dangerous permission. This dangerous permission is also called runtime permission. Due to this, these apps have easy access to the data, which starts affecting the performance of the system and other apps. Removed Many apps had access to the camera. Apart from this, there was also a GPS core in them.

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