Google Bringing a feature like Apple, You will be Able to Find Stolen Mobile Sitting at Home


Google: On the lines of Apple, the giant technology company Google is also going to provide the Find My Device network feature. Google is working on a feature that will allow millions of Android users to find the device if they lose their phone. According to a report by 9to5 Google, a feature named Spot has appeared in the latest beta version of the Google Play service.

According to Google’s support page, the ‘Find My Device’ system can only find smartphones that are on, have a data or Wi-Fi signal, and are also running location service. However, its Spot feature will help Android users to find the phone even when there is no internet signal. Let us tell you that a similar feature already comes in Apple smartphones. 

This is how Apple’s feature works

Find My app found in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac devices proves to be of great use in locating lost Apple devices. Along with locating the device, it also keeps the user’s data safe. In fact, if a user ever loses their Apple device, the Find My app shows them its location on a map, plays a sound in it, and locks the phone. 

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A message also appears on the screen of the Apple device, in which some contact numbers are given, through which the user can be contacted. Apart from this, if your phone has fallen into the wrong hands, then the facility of thorough cleaning of the smartphone is also provided. Let us tell you that there is no official statement from Google about the new feature at the moment. 

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