Google has banned these 17 dangerous apps delete immediately from your smartphone

Malicious App Alert

These 17 dangerous apps are no longer available on the Google Play Store and can no longer be downloaded. But if any of these apps are already present on your phone, delete them immediately. See list…

Between the second week of July and September, Google had deleted 17 virus apps from the play store. Out of this, 11 apps were removed in the month of July and the remaining 6 apps were removed last week. These 17 apps are no longer available on the Google Play Store and can no longer be downloaded. Actually, the new variant malware clown (joker malware) was found in 17 apps.

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Checkpoint researchers in July spotted 11 apps that were found to be affected by the virus. According to the report, Google was tracking these apps since 2017. After deleting 11 apps, this dangerous clown malware was found in 6 new apps of Google Play Store, which has been removed.

According to cyber security firm Pradeo, these 6 apps have been downloaded nearly 200,000 times before being removed from the Play Store. Let’s know which are those 17 apps …
>> com.hmvoice.friendsms
>> com.relax.relaxation.androidsms
>> com.cheery. message.sendsms
>> com.peason.lovinglovemessage
>> com.file.recovefiles
>> com.LPlocker.lockapps
>> com.remindme.alram
>>Safety AppLock
>> Convenient Scanner 2
>> Push Message- Texting & SMS
>> Emoji Wallpaper
>> Separate Doc Scanner
>> Fingertip GameBox

These 17 apps are currently not available on Play Store,But if any of these apps are already present in your phone, delete them immediately.

Researchers at Checkpoint have discovered a new variant of Joker malware, which is hidden in the apps. This newly updated Joker can download many more malware to the malware device, which in turn makes it a member of premium service without the user’s permission. That is, the hackers silently subscribe to the premium service through these affected apps, and users do not know anything about it.