Google Messages Brings New Feature, will be Automatically Deleted, Know Everything

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Google is constantly upgrading itself. Now Google is upgrading its Google Messages. Two special features are going to be available to the users in the Google Messages app soon. These will help to separate the personal and transactional or promotional messages of the users. Google Messages runs on stock and near-stock Android phones. 

The Google Messages app will now be able to sort messages into multiple categories , such as personal, to help DoTP users find the most important messages. The company states that the sorting will be done on the basis of machine learning to ensure that it is not assessing the transactions. It’s all done securely on your device, so your conversations stay in the app and you can access your category messages offline.

You can use this feature

Google is also adding an option to automatically delete messages with One-Time Password (OTP). These messages will be deleted after 24 hours so that users don’t spend time deleting them manually. To enable auto-delete of OTP messages, users need to tap on ‘Continue’ when they see the suggestion sign under the OTP category in the Messages app.  

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The company will roll it out on Android phones

Google has said in a blog post that we hope that these new updates will help you manage your messages easily. We will start rolling it out on Android phones running Android 8 and newer in India in the coming weeks. The software giant says that the new tools on Messages are optional and can be managed from Settings. To test it, update to the latest version of the Messages app from the Google Play app store. From promotional posters, we can see categories like Personal, Transactional, OTP, and Offer. 

Messages available without network

Last year, Google announced a global rollout of Rich Communication Service (RCS) standards for its Messages app, which competed against Apple’s iMessage and other third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. To upgrade the platform. The advantage of RCS is that it can send messages over Wi-Fi or mobile data, unlike traditional SMS messages that require cellular network connectivity. The addition of the RCS standard also meant that users could exchange images, GIFs, emoji, stickers, videos, and audio messages with their contacts. 

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