Google Pay UPI: How Much Money Can You Transfer in a Day? Know the Answer Here


Google Pay UPI: In this era of the epidemic, UPI payments have increased a lot and people are making payments using Google Pay UPI, Phone Pe, Paytm, and other apps indiscriminately. However, payments made in UPI mode have their limitations. About which few people know. In such a situation, if you are asked how much money you can transfer from Google Pay in a day or a month, then you can hardly answer it.

So today we are going to answer the question that what is the transfer limit of the app which we are using fast. According to the support page of Google Pay, if a user does any of these things throughout the day, So he meets his daily limit. So let’s know what are those limits-

If tries to send more than Rs 1,00,000 through all UPI apps.
– Sends money more than 10 times from all UPI apps.
– If requests from someone more than Rs 2000.

However, the limits can be different for Google Pay, UPI, user’s bank, and Google. In such a situation, if the user wants to solve this problem, then he has to follow these options.

To send more money, you will have to wait for the next day.
– Less amount has to be requested.

Apart from this, there are some other reasons for non-payment which are mentioned below.

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Bank limit may be the reason

If your daily transaction is less than the UPI limit (maximum Rs 1 lakh) and still you are facing a problem then try another bank. It may happen that your bank has put some kind of limit on how much money you can send or receive. You will have to contact your bank to get information about this.

Transactions may stop due to other reasons as well.

Some transactions may be held up for review to protect you from fraud. If you have not exceeded the daily limit, still you are facing problems in the transaction, then contact Google Pay support for assistance. Along with this, also tell that if a user makes a transaction of less than Re 1 then he will not come and you will see the error message again and again.



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