Google Play Store has banned these 9 malicious apps remove them immediately from your Smartphone

Malicious App Alert

Google Play Store: If you have these 9 apps on your smartphone then you are in danger. The Google Play store has banned them, but you might already have them on your smartphone. Delete them now. Cybersecurity researchers have revealed that smartphone users are at risk from malicious software that can hijack their Facebook accounts. There are many apps that you must have downloaded and forgot to delete. They must be lying in some corner of the phone and away from your sight.

These 9 Apps Banned by Google Play Store

These apps have been banned by Google Play Store. These apps are dangerous for the users, they can steal your information. They can steal information from your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. It can even extract your bank details. Now, it is reported that Google has identified and banned 9 apps from the Play Store. If you have these apps on your smartphone then delete them immediately.

Flytrap is spreading around the world

Researchers at Zimperium’s zLabs have identified the Flytrap malicious program specifically for its ability to deceive users and hijack their Facebook accounts. With this hackers can take control of the Facebook account and can also access email and cookies. What is worse is that this malicious app can also send messages to the friends and family members of these smartphone owners to download these apps. Researchers have revealed that the flytrap has spread around the world.

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Researchers have uncovered a list of 9 malicious apps that should now be removed from smartphones.

1. GG Voucher
2. Vote European Football
3. GG Coupon Ads (GG Coupon Ads)
4. application.app_moi_6: GG Voucher Ads
5. com. free.voucher: GG Voucher
6. Chatfuel (Chatfuel)
7. Net Coupon (Net Coupon)
8. com. movie.net_coupon: Net Coupon
9. EURO 2021 Official (Euro 2021 Official)

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