Have you got ‘notice’ of income tax, do not panic read this news

income tax return

The Income Tax Department is rapidly handling last year’s refunds during the Corona epidemic. According to the sources of the department, e-mails have been sent to about 1.75 lakh people for the revised information, after which the response will be given to them. 

According to information received by ‘Hindustan’, refunds worth more than Rs 9000 crore have been issued so far. After receiving e-mails from all the people in the department, people started having this problem with how to give cleaning on them. In fact, in the e-mails being sent to the people from the Income Tax Department, the confirmation related to the refund claim of the people is also being sought.

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One has to choose between two options on the Income Tax Department portal. The first option is to tell the taxpayer that whatever refund has been made is correct. At the same time, as another option, it is given a chance to improve. The refund is being issued by the Income Tax Department after filing it again on behalf of the taxpayer. This ‘nameless’ is being used to issue refunds of up to Rs five lakh only under the ‘faceless’ process. On the part of the Risk Management System of the Income Tax Department, a 30-day opportunity is also being given to amend the returns.

One more chance to correct the flaws

According to the official attached to the department, there is no need to worry about this email. It is only being sent as a precaution to the people so that they can be given a chance to rectify the shortcomings. At the same time, those who feel that there is no improvement in their returns, then they can submit the form by choosing the first option.

Over 14 lakh refunds issued

So far, more than 14 lakh refunds have been done in different categories in the country. As soon as email confirmation is coming from the department, refund is also being done fast. After the assessment of new cases, the process of sending emails also continues. According to the data, the department will issue a refund of about four thousand crore rupees in the coming days.

Cleaning the department on e-mail

In a statement issued by the Income Tax Department, it has also been said that such emails have not been sent at all for the purpose of harassing people. According to the statement, these emails are being sent to all types of taxpayers. In addition to individual taxpayers, small companies and startups are also being given this opportunity. In such a situation, there is misleading publicity on social media about this system, which is wrong.

Do not look like tax department notice

It has also been clarified by CBDT that refund is a process of issuing refunds to people only after cutting their demand. In such a situation, if someone feels that the demand that is being sought from him has already been paid, then he can refrain from giving it by filling his revised form. If there is no mistake in reducing the sum and the refund does not get stuck, that is why people are being given a chance to improve once more, this should not be viewed as a notice from the tax department.