Historical appointments of Indian-Americans in the Biden administration said- they are taking command of the country


Indian-American in US Administration: Joe Biden, who recently held the presidency in the US, seems to have special faith in the Indian diaspora. In less than 50 days, at least 55 Indian-American posts have been appointed in his administration. Biden also says that Indian-Americans are taking charge of the country. The special thing is that the people of India have a presence in almost all areas of administration from speechwriter to NASA.

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So far, former US President Barack Obama’s term had the distinction of involving the largest number of Indian-Americans. Indian-Americans were given a lot of opportunity in the administration led by Donald Trump.

Biden We were discussing with the scientists involved in the historic landing of the Percussion Rover on Mars. During this, Swati Mohan, who played a big role in NASA’s Mars mission, was also involved. The US President said, ‘Americans of Indian origin are taking command of the country. You (Swati Mohan), my Vice President (Kamala Harris), my speechwriter (Vinay Reddy). Biden, who was sworn in as the 46th President of the US on January 20, has created history by giving at least 55 Indian-Americans a big role in the administration.

However, the names of Vice President Kamla Harris and Neera Tandon are not included in these 55 people. Tandon has recently withdrawn his nomination for the post of director of the White House of Management and Budget. The special thing is that about half of them are women. The Biden administration has included such a large number of Indian-Americans for the first time in the first 50 days.

So far, former US President Barack Obama’s tenure had the distinction of involving the most Indian-Americans. However, in the Trump-led administration, Americans of Indian origin got a lot of opportunities. The Trump administration appointed Indian-Americans for the first time inside the National Security Council and with cabinet status.

Biden has recently appointed Indian-American Maju Varghese as his deputy assistant and director of the White House Military Office (WHMO). Prior to this, Varghese has also worked as an important member in Biden’s election campaign and swearing committee. “Maju Varghese is now the deputy assistant to the president and director of the White House military office,” Varghese tweeted with a photo taken at the White House’s Arrival Lounge after the announcement of his appointment.



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