Holi Safety Tips: While playing Holi, keep these 10 dos and don’ts in mind

Holi Safety Tips

Holi Safety Tips: Today is Holi (Holi 2022). Everyone was eagerly waiting for this day. Children start throwing water balloons at people coming and going three or four days in advance. In Holi, Holi will be played fiercely with colors and gulal everywhere. But, it is also important to take care of your health in this fun and hustle and bustle of Holi. A little carelessness while playing Holi can give you many types of physical problems. If you are using artificial colors containing harmful chemicals in Holi, then it is better to reduce the use of them. They can cause many types of physical problems by going into the nose, mouth, eyes, ears. In such a situation, it is better that you use Homemade Herbal Holi Colors. If you are playing Holi with artificial colors, then keeping these important things in mind, enjoy celebrating the festival of Holi.

Holi Safety Tips, Do’s and Don’ts

  • Play safe Holi, neither play Holi with others in a dirty way nor let this happen to yourself. Some people play Holi by throwing mud on others, forcefully, which is not liked by many people. That’s when something untoward happens.
  • Do not play Holi with colors containing harmful chemicals. Home made natural colors are a better option to play Holi. They do not harm the skin and hair.
  • If you are not able to make natural colors at home, then buy only good quality and brand colors available in the market.
  • Before playing Holi, apply moisturizer and oil all over the body, face. By doing this, the stubborn colors easily come off during cleaning with water. Apply oil well in the hair also. You should also apply sunscreen on the face, neck and hands, so that there is no harm to the skin due to Holi colors due to being in the sun for a long time. Apply nail polish two to three times on the nails too, so that the color does not get washed away.

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  • Use more red or pink colors. They also look good and are easily cleaned from the skin. Vivid violet, green, yellow, orange contain more harmful chemicals. Avoid putting them on each other.
  • Wear the worst and old clothes, so that you do not have to go through the hassle of washing immediately.
    Wear any old denim jeans, jacket, that too in bright colors like black, green, blue, purple, because Holi colors in this fabric will not look too dark in the skin.
  • Do not use permanent dyes. If someone has applied it to you, do not rub it with soap on the face to remove it immediately, especially when it is wet. Remove it with good quality cleansing milk. Soap can dry out the skin even more.
  • Do not go anywhere far from home by car, bike. Especially during the day when people are loudly immersed in the fun of Holi. Even if you go by car, keep the windows closed properly.
  • Sometimes people forcefully apply color on the face. If you try to apply any color in this way, then keep your eyes and mouth tightly closed. This will not allow the color to penetrate.
  • Avoid running on wet floors, ceilings, otherwise, a sudden slip and fall can cause injury to the bones.

( Disclaimer:  The information given in this article is based on general assumptions. The Informal News does not confirm these. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)

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