How is Marshal’s appointment in Parliament, what is his job?


When the Parliament session is going on, the day of a marshal starts at 9 am and ends at 5 pm in general. While being around the speaker or chairman at all times, the marshals also give formal notes in Parliament and they are also responsible for escorting the guest of honor on special occasions. These marshals, who are often humble while staying so close to power, stay away from the limelight. Despite being on the stage of Parliament, they do their work well, yet few people know them.

Yes, keeping their identity very confidential and abstaining from public life is part of their duty. If you meet a marshal and you are not a member or employee of Parliament, then that marshal will not even tell you details like his name and age. Of course, this is a respectable and extremely responsible job. Let us tell you about the role of Marshall and then also how someone reaches this post.

It is important that the role
of a marshal in the Parliament, almost the entire time of the marshal in the parliament passes around the Speaker or the Speaker’s Chair. The speaker has to cooperate and advise. During a meeting or event, the marshal has a role in getting the speaker to meet or hold talks. Understand Marshall’s work easily in a few points.

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* To be with the Chairman from the main gate of the Parliament House to the Chamber. Apart from the Chamber, the Chairman should be with him wherever he wishes to go. Marshall’s main job is to stay with the Chairman at all times from arrival to departure in Parliament House.
* ‘Hon’ble Councilors, Hon’ble Chairman ..’ The Marshal works to announce the Speaker’s arrival in the House and to ensure the proceedings of the House while ensuring that the quorum of the House is fulfilled.

* The security of the Chairman is the responsibility of the Marshal, so in any situation, the Marshal can protect the Chairman by taking action on his own free will.
* During the Question Hour, the Marshal informs the Speaker or Chairman that out of the members whose names are in the list of questions, which are present and non-present.
* Marshalls also give a hint to the members who want to reply.
* In case of differences in the house, on instructions, the marshals vacate the quorum bell or lobby. After the completion of voting proceedings, the gates of the lobby are opened with the permission of the Marshal Chair. It is difficult to remember the

more interesting facts about the works of Marshall,
545 names. But Marshall captures the names and identities of all members of Parliament in his mind before the commencement of the session of Parliament so that he can immediately give the chair the information he wants about any member, if needed. For this, the marshals make a part of their memory by rote all the details day and night.

Marshals known as ‘backroom boys’ in Parliament have to handle MPs in the event of any indecency or rudeness or aggression and get them out. Even after getting MPs out, marshals have to do their work with respect rather than indecent behavior. Now know how a person reaches the rank of Marshal.

how is Marshall’s appointment? Appointment
to the post of Marshal, at least three years of experience on the Assistant Director grade in the Security Department is required. Or 5 years experience as Assistant Director and Security Officer in total. If such a candidate is not found, then a candidate who has at least 9 years of experience in Group ‘A’ post is selected for appointment to this post.

Senior security assistant grade personnel with a minimum of 5 years of experience, or personnel with a total of 10 years of experience on security assistant and senior assistant grades of grade 1, may also be selected on preference basis. An employee appointed in the security department can get promoted to this position.

So the next time you see the proceedings of Parliament on TV, you will see two tall and strong persons standing near the speaker or chairman. The one who is to the left of the Chair is the Marshal and the right is the Deputy Marshal. The job of a marshal is not only to handle the troublesome MPs but to run the proceedings of the House properly. For this, when an appointment is made to the post of Marshal, then a deep understanding of the rules and proceedings of the Parliament is closely examined in the candidates.