How to increase the immunity of children between summer and Covid? Learn 5 remedies from a doctor

Summer and Covid

Summer and Covid: Covid is not completely over yet, despite continuous vaccination, the cases of corona have decreased but are not over, so we still need to be alert, especially those people whose immunity is less than a normal person like pregnant women, the Elderly, and children. Children are at home during summer vacation, so this is the right time when you can increase their immunity. Exercise and diet will play an important role in increasing the immunity of children. In this article, we will talk about some easy tips, with the help of which you can save your child from heat and covid. For better information on the subject of Summer and Covid, onlymyhealth spoke to Dr. Seema Yadav, MD Physician, Care Institute of Life Sciences, Lucknow.

1. Healthy drinks in summers will save the child from heat and covid

Consuming mango emerald during summers is considered beneficial for both the immunity and immunity of children. Water made from raw mango i.e. emerald is not only good in taste, but it also increases the immunity of your child. You give the child aam Panna mixed with mango, cumin seed powder, and black salt, it removes the symptoms of dehydration, depression, and diarrhea in the child. Emerald increases immunity and decreases the number of bacteria in the body. Healthy drinks are the best option in the summer season to avoid the heat and increase immunity.

2. Vaccination for kids

You must get the child vaccinated against the Kovid vaccine, vaccination protects against the disease and increases the immunity of the child. If you have not given your child a single shot of the Covid vaccine yet, then he will be at high risk of getting Kovid, so get the child Kovid vaccine today and on the advice of the doctor, you can also get the child flu shot. You can contact your doctor for more information about whether the flu shot is given to protect against the problem of flu in summer.

3. Get the child to exercise

Exercise plays an important role in improving the immunity of children. Whether it is a child or an old person, if he includes exercise in his routine, then it is possible to prevent many serious diseases. If you have to protect the child from skin allergies and diseases in summer, as well as increase his immunity, then tell the child about the benefits of exercise. You can get children to exercise through fun activities, cycling, or feeding them any game that includes physical exercise and the child’s immunity can be increased.

4. Include fruits and vegetables in the child’s diet

You must be thinking that children do not like fruits and vegetables, then how to get children to consume fruits and vegetables to increase immunity. You can feed children fruits and vegetables in many ways, you can make your child consume fruits through custard or milkshake, while feeding vegetables through their favorite burger or wrap, even better if children eat vegetables or fruits. Eat it as a salad. This will increase their immunity and they will not fall ill in the summer season.

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5. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the children

You should motivate the child for cleanliness from childhood so that he has the habit of keeping himself clean. In summer, if your child’s body is not clean, then he may be a victim of skin allergies, cold, fever, covid, etc. You have to take special care of these things-

  • Take bath daily for your child, this will keep his body clean.
  • After coming from outside, first of all, the child should clean his hands properly.
  • Clean your hands thoroughly before or after eating anything.
  • Hands have to be cleaned before and after using the washroom.

By following these simple tips, you can increase the immunity of the child and it will also be possible to prevent diseases during the summer season.

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