How to Know If Your Immunity is Weak or Strong? Let’s Know

Causes of weak immunity

Is your immunity weak or strong? How long does it take for immunity to recover? What is it about steroids that lower the immune system? In the Corona era, all such questions are arising in the minds of the people. At this time it has become very important to know the answer to these questions. Only then… we will be able to save ourselves from the deadly coronavirus and black fungus.

What do the experts have to say about all such questions related to immunity, let us tell you… the first question is how to know whether immunity is weak or strong? White blood cells, antibodies and many other elements make up the immune system. Some people fall ill again and again due to weak immune system. If you fall sick more often than other members of the household, frequent colds, colds, If you are troubled by rashes, then understand that your immune system is weak.

People whose immune system is weak, they have some problem as soon as the weather changes. Even if you get an infection soon after eating or drinking something, your immune system can still be weak. The second question is, how long does it take for immunity to recover? According to doctors, generally, we keep four weeks. If there is a recovery from Covid, then we take precautions for 4 weeks. If steroids are taken then immunity will be low for two weeks and after that it takes two weeks for recovery.

That’s why we ask for four weeks of precaution. But if someone’s diabetes is uncontrolled, then it can also take a long time. By the way, after 4 weeks, the immunity system starts working normally. Third question, what is it in steroids that causes less immunity? Director of Dharamshila Super Specialty Hospital, Dr. Anshuman Kumar says NBT that if steroids are given without the need, then it starts working on the immune system. When people without need If steroids are taken for a long time or in the wrong way, it suppresses the immune system.

If steroids are taken under the supervision of a doctor, it will not be fatal because the doctor will give steroids only when the inflammatory response of the body is high. In such a situation, steroids are consumed only in reducing the inflammatory response and do not have a bad effect on immunity. However, steroids also raise blood sugar. In such a situation, if steroids are taken under the supervision of a doctor, blood sugar is also monitored. Fourth question, is there any separate test for immunity? There is no such separate test of immunity. According to doctors, there are cells and antibodies in the body. 

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There are white blood cells in the blood and then there are five types of cells in it. The normal number of white blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood ranges from 4 thousand to 11 thousand. Apart from this, there are five types of antibodies in the body. They have a different test. it could also be It is that the number of white blood cells is fine but still the immunity is low. May not have antibodies. All these quantities cannot be tested on every patient. Therefore we can assume that those who have been severely covid then they need to be careful.

Fifth question What are the ways to increase immunity? Dr. According to Anshuman, there is an autorecovery of immunity. Meaning, as soon as the body’s fight with the virus is over, antibodies are formed. bone marrow, In many parts of the body including the thymus, immune cells are formed and circulating antibodies are made. If the functions of all these organs are correct, then after two weeks the immunity gets cured automatically. It should eat a sufficient amount of protein to support it because antibodies are made from proteins as soon as they are made.

If someone does not take the protein, then the bone marrow will also be working, then he will not be able to make antibodies. Vitamin C works in making antibodies. Iron supports this. So there should be no shortage of all these. It should be taken in food and immunity is autorecovered. Everyone’s immunity has been normal by taking a balanced diet. When there is a deficiency of anything in the body, it is given as a supplement. Such as vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D and other supplements.

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