If you want to double your money, invest in this scheme of post office, you will get big benefit


New Delhi:  If you are also planning to double the money, then Post Office is a best option. In the post office, you can double your money in a few months. In addition to reducing the risk, money is also saved. Let us tell you that many types of schemes are run by the post office for the customers. 

The post office Kisan Vikas Patra (Kisan Vikas Patra) is one of these. Under this scheme, you can double your money in 124 months. Let us tell you how

From April 1, 2020 onwards, in the Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP), you get an interest of 6.9 percent per annum. At the same time, the government used to pay interest on this scheme at the rate of 7.6 percent. 

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If you invest in this scheme of the government, then your money doubles in 10 years and 4 months. That is, it takes 124 months for the money to double. For example, suppose you invest 5 lakh rupees in this scheme, then after 124 months you will get 10 lakh rupees.

People are deposited in multiple rupees of 100 rupees

In the Kisan Vikas Patra, you can deposit the amount in multiple rupees of 100 rupees. At the same time, you have to deposit a minimum amount of one thousand rupees in this account. There is no maximum limit for depositing money in this account. Under this scheme, minors, and adult can open their account.

who can open this account
KVP, anyone adult, maximum of three adults can join a joint account, 10 A minor over the age of one can buy. Apart from this, an adult from a minor and a guardian can buy it on behalf of a person with a weak mind.