If You Want to Get Rid of the Problem of Acidity, Then Do These 2 Yoga Asanas Daily


Acidity is a serious problem related to the digestive system. This problem occurs due to excessive acid formation in the stomach. It is also called acid reflux. During this, the acid comes back from the food pipe to the throat. At the same time, food also starts coming out in the form of vomiting. 

Especially newborn babies take out milk immediately after drinking it. This happens due to acid reflux. The problem of acid reflux is caused by excessive consumption of coffee or tea, eating spicy and full food. Due to this, dizziness starts and the stomach also starts bloating. To get rid of this problem of acidity, it is necessary to change the diet and lifestyle. Along with this, the problem of acidity can also be got rid of by yoga. With the help of some special asanas of yoga, it can help in removing acidity. Let us know which are those postures.


For this, first of all, sit in the position of Savitri asana. After this, bend the body backward and place both hands on your ankles. Keep one thing in mind that do not rotate your neck, rather let the neck remain in its natural state. Stay in this state for some time. Now remove the hands and come back to the first position. Do not stay in this state for long. However, do Ustrasana under the supervision of a yoga teacher. Also, do not suppress physical strength.


Paschimottanasana is made up of two words Paschim and Uttanasana. In this, the west is described as the back while the meaning of Uttanasana is to pull the back part of your body forward. In simple words, it is Paschimottanasana to move the back parts of your body forward while sitting on flat ground. By doing this yoga, there is strength in the stomach. Along with this, there is a stretch in the stomach. This gives relief to the problem of acidity.

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