If your smartphone gets soaked in water while playing Holi, then do this job immediately

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While playing Holi, there is a fear that the phone does not get wet, and sometimes the phone gets accidentally hit. So today we are telling you what you should do immediately when the mobile gets wet.

Holi (Holi 2021) is being celebrated across the country on 29 March today. Some people also call Holi as a festival of colors. On this day people apply color to each other and also Holi is played with water. In such a situation, if you are playing Holi with water and you have a mobile, then keep it somewhere where the phone cannot get water, but if your phone is soaked in water by mistake then you do not have to bother with it. Because today we will tell you what you should do if your mobile gets wet.

If the mobile phone falls in the water or gets wet due to any reason, first of all it should be kept in a dry place. Try not to shake the mobile phone too much and wipe it immediately with a dry cloth.

Do not forget to press any button or attempt to press the touch to check the mobile phone after the phone falls in the water, by doing so, the function of the mobile phone will be turned on and the board of the device may crash.
Immediately wipe the mobile phone with a dry cloth or towel. If there is more water in the phone, then try drying it immediately with a vacuum or with a dryer. But keep in mind that do not use the dryer for a long time, because in this case, the parts of the phone can get more heat.

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Use rice to remove moisture

After this, now you have to remove moisture from your mobile phone. For this, you keep the rice in a packet and keep the phone with it. Explain that rice has a hygroscopic property that removes moisture easily. Apart from this, you can also use silica packets.

When you feel that the moisture inside the mobile phone dries up, then take it to a mobile phone technician and let it fix the mobile. Do not switch on the mobile phone yourself. 

(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article are based on general beliefs. Use your discretion to implement them)

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