Important News: Delete These Apps From Your Phone Immediately, Google Has Also Banned It!

Malicious App Alert

Delete These Apps: Google recently banned more than 150 dangerous apps. Now Google has again removed three dangerous apps from the Play Store. This ban has been done keeping in view the privacy and security of the users. If any of these apps are present on your phone, then remove them immediately. These three apps are related to photo editing and their names are – Magic Photo Lab – Photo Editor, Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor, and Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021.

At Google I/O this year, the company said that there are currently 3 billion active Android devices. Google wants to keep users safe by banning dangerous apps. The apps that have been banned are used to steal the personal information and money of the users.

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These apps steal Login ID and personal information

Through the Login with Facebook button, it is easy for users to instantly authenticate any web service or app. With this, they can use the service without creating another username and password. Apps like Spotify and Tinder also use this service. But, according to the security firm, these apps (which have been banned) are used to steal personal information by stealing the login IDs of the users.

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If you have any of the apps like ‘Magic Photo Lab – Photo Editor’, ‘Blender Photo Editor – Easy Photo Background Editor’, and ‘Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021’ on your phone then it should be removed immediately. Not only this, but you should also change your Facebook login details. To remove apps on Android-phone, long press on the app icon and then click on the Un-install option.

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